About Taylor Nicks


         Hi! My name is Taylor and I am the creator of Happy Roots! I have a husband, Chris, and a 3 year old son, Cj. We are based in North Kansas City.

       When I first realized I loved to cook, I was in early elementary school. I attended an after school program where we would get to make all kinds of food. I just thought it was because I loved to eat but I actually loved the whole cooking process. When I got to middle school, I took every possible cooking class and then did the same when it came to high school. During my sophomore year, I went on a field trip with other students to explore the 21st Century programs that the Olathe district had to offer and Olathe North had a culinary program for aspiring chefs. That's when I knew culinary is what I wanted to do. I spent my Junior year traveling back and forth from Olathe East to Olathe North to study culinary. Olathe North had a built in restaurant where we put on 'Restaurant Night' for people to come and eat. We were the chefs. I learned so much during that year. Some of it exhausting, some of it brought me to tears. I realized my strengths and weaknesses. I received 'Dish of the Day' for my Creme Brulee, along with other group dishes we had presented. When I wasn't at Olathe North learning culinary, I was at Olathe East being the Teacher's Assistant to my favorite teacher, Mrs. Lamar. She taught a baking class that was loaded with information and essentials on cooking. I was in that position for 2 years in addition to taking all the culinary classes beforehand. I have worked in the food industry ever since I left high school and then spent 2 years working at a grocery store where I found myself wanting more. I quit my job and started pursuing my passion full-time! My knowledge in cooking is expansive and when it comes to vegan food, I am still a bit new, but I have soaked up plenty of knowledge and continue to learn more. Making vegan food for 8 months has changed my outlook on food. New techniques and flavors keep me on my toes and keep my passion fresh. All the knowledge I have on food prep, flavor and food safety has made converting over to vegan food a breeze. I love making food and the reviews speak for themselves. Give it a chance and you will not be disappointed!